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Ca la Gemma offers its clients and friends a traditional Catalan cuisine. It is characterized by grilled meats, fish and seafood. We have an extensive menu, with more than 40 dishes to choose from, we prepare seasonal dishes, weekly suggestions and we also have homemade desserts.

Caesar Salad
Tomato salad, onion with tuna and goat cheese
Brie salad

Anchovies and toast
Foie mi-cuit house
Jabugo ham
toast with barbecued vegetables and anchovies

Croquettes homemade
Grandmother’s cannellonis
Snails with two sauces
Tails of prawns with garlic
Griddled green asparagus

Scampi with caramelized onions and honey
Grilled prawns
Grilled prawns
Mussels steamed or grilled

Cod with garlic mousseline
Fresh squid in Andalusian
Assorted grilled fish and shellfish with monkfish
Sole cream
Monkfish donostiarra
Turbot to taste
Griddled cuttlefish

Entrecote to taste
Veal filet to taste
Assorted grilled geats
Grilled duck breast
Griddled lamb
Roasted lamb shoulder

Tot va acompanyat amb patates fregides, xampinyons saltejats
Escalivada o mongetes fregides suplement de 1,60 €
Pebre verd, Roquefort o Bolets suplement de 1,80 €

Restaurant Ca la Gemma
Restaurant Ca la Gemma
Restaurant Ca la Gemma
Restaurant Ca la Gemma
Restaurant Ca la Gemma

Custom-made kitchen and takeaway food

In Ca la Gemma we also offer our clients the possibility to take our dishes to eat at home. In addition, we make rice in the casolette, fideuas, sarsuelas and birthday cakes ... etc on request.

For more information call 972 52 17 03 and we will inform you without obligation.

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